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Some kind words from Brisbane Yoga Clients

I appreciate Natalie’s sense of humour as well as her sensitivity in the yoga teaching style. She gently challenges me to do things which helps my self confidence. ~Vija
Thank you for a fabulous year of yoga. It’s been so good for my wellbeing and you are an inspirational teacher. ~Pat
Thankyou for your expert guidance and tuition throughout the year.  I am continually amazed at your positive attitude and how you manage to keep every class fresh and challenging.  You do a fantastic job.  Thank you!!! ~Alex

A Message from Natalie

Why I love teaching Yoga
About Brisbane YogaI love teaching Yoga because it brings me Joy. I love to observe the journey of every yoga client as they start to explore the world of yoga and the many gifts it brings to their everyday living.

Firstly it is the courage of an absolute beginner turning up to class often not knowing anyone or what to expect from a class. Then their confidence to step two feet together at the top of their mat and start breathing deeply. And with their first salute they dive into the world of yoga. Exploring how the breath, body and mind can move as one to create inner stillness.

Second is the ‘blessing moments’ once term has started. A ‘blessing moment’ is when a new posture is explored and integrated into the body. Over the term these poses are repeated often starting as something that seemed completely forgein or even circus like becomes familiar. What I see are small moments of achievement and patience for yourself and your practice developing.

Thirdly, and I like to use a term coined by one of Brisbane Yoga’s longest running client, is the ‘sweet spot’. The sweet spot is when everything is in alignment – the breath, body, spirit and mind. When you’re in this place you’ll feel like you could stay there forever!

Joy is seeing the support that yoga clients offer each other in class. They too see how you progress and often smile and clap if you have a ‘blessing moment’. They have a great sense of humor and have a giggle when things don’t quite to plan also – not that that ever happens!!! 🙂 Lastly it’s the relaxation at the end of class when I can see all the bodies, minds and spirits in the room are still, silent and released.

That’s why I love my job and thank you all for your support.


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